ZOMG I’m updated this site! Lol

I am so, so sorry that I am usually MIA from wordpress. To be honest, I know blogging is something writers should probably do, but it’s never really been my forte! Plus I feel like if I did blog, I’d end up flooding this place with posts upon posts about needing sleep, freaking out about my dissertation, needing sleep, etc etc.

But I will do my best! My new year’s resolution (is it too late for that) is definitely to keep this place posted, especially as I continue my debut publishing journey (though honestly, I’m on twitter near constantly so you definitely catch me there).





My book. Is on netgalley.

I literally can’t even believe this happening. It’s like, people can read my book now! Real life people can read my book!



Real life people can read…my book!! *hides*

No, seriously, there is something both exhilarating and terrifying about knowing that your book is now out there for public consumption. But it’s such an awesome an essential part of being a writer too – I’m so glad I’ve finally made it here! So excuse me while I raise a glass (hang on, it’s noon) of …soda!

ImageKeep your eyes peeled here for teasers and other information for FEATHER BOUND that I’ll be posting in the coming weeks! For those of you who get a galley, I hope you enjoy!

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