The Myth of the Strong Heroine in YA Novels

This is great. I think we need to rethink how we understand strength, weakness and potential for growth when it comes to YA heroines!

The Book Wars

The success of Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist of the much loved and much lauded Hunger Games trilogy, gave rise to a brand of heroines that many were quick to tout as “strong female protagonists” that are rarely (if ever) seen in books meant for children.

These heroines (or protagonists, the words are interchangeable here) usually have similar, if predictable, qualities that set them apart from the rest of their cohort. They are brusque, misunderstood and have some internal conflict that usually leads to them having issues with either or both of their parents. They are usually embroiled in a love triangle or square or pentagon (this has been known to happen) and are more than proficient at some kind of martial arts or are remarkably skilled at wielding one or two (or more) weapons. They are outwardly emotionally closed off and internally have the emotional health of a kitten wanting cuddles. They…

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