OLA Superconference Fun!

Today was the Ontario Library Association Super Conference!

It was my first time at the event, and a very busy day. I got there for a signing scheduled at noon on Thursday Feb 2nd. Now for me, going to Toronto is always kind of an adventure. I haven’t been at the Metro Convention Centre since I used to go to that anime convention years ago. What was it called? OH WAIT, no, it wasn’t Anime North, it was Fan Expo Canada! Man, I haven’t been there since 2003 or 2004 at the MOST.20170202_114904


Well, it was certainly as busy as ever!

I was actually a bit worried nobody, would come, but it turned out there was a long line. My publicist then told me after the signings were over that I’d signed literally 100 books for 100 people in 30 minutes! Pretty bad ass!

The highlight of the day of course was getting kidnapped by fellow authors EK Johnson, Erin Bow and R.J Anderson! Unfortunately, we didn’t get pictures, but it was a fun time, great food, fun talks! All and all a great Thursday!

I think what I loved most was seeing how many dedicated school librarians were out there willing to search for new books to give to young people eager to read. I never really appreciated how hard librarians worked when I was in secondary school, but I definitely have a better appreciation for them now as I work with them as an author!

Thanks for the great time, everyone!

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