Legacy of Light is Officially Released!!


Here it is sitting on my coffee table!!!

You know, I started dreaming up this trilogy summer 2012. And I started working on it during Nanowrimo of the same year. And it’s been a long journey since then. Finishing the first book in 2014, editing, editing, going on submission in 2015, publishing Fate of Flames in 2016. It’s crazy and a little scary how quickly time passes.

I remember getting my first round of negative reviews, worried that too many of them were going to kill the series. I worried about whether or not enough people were getting to know that the series even exists at all. I worried about whether or not I could write the next book, then the next. I worried about so many things.

But then something clicked when I started writing Legacy of Light. I just…had fun. I gave up worrying and just gave my all to this story and wrote what I wanted to write, not caring at all about what others would say. And that is probably why Legacy of Light ended up being my favorite of the series.

I am incredibly proud to be the author of a trilogy, with more books and series to come! And I am incredibly happy knowing that throughout this entire learning experience, I’ve improved and grown as a writer and as a person.

I am SO grateful for all the fans who have stuck with me for three books. I am so grateful every time people hit me up on twitter to hype up the series or tell me how much they’re enjoying reading it. I am so grateful for ALL of your love and support for the Effigies.

And I hope that you’ll be with me for my next fantasy adventures too! Stay tuned!



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