The Effigies Series featured on Refinery29!

So Refinery29 did this amazing piece on black authors who write YA and I can’t believe they know who I am because The Effigies Series was featured!!


Not only is this an amazing resource for me to know who the black authors in YA are (um, we need a panel or something because there’s so many of us!), but it just felt so great to have my work recognized by a huge publication!

Here’s some of what they had to say:

There are a lot of YA sci-fi fantasy seriesto choose from. I get it if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the options, but women of colour are coming out STRONG in the genre. I promise The Effigies Series by Sarah Raughley is worth your time. Raughly grew up in Southern Ontario and says she started “writing stories about freakish little girls with powers”because she dreamed of being one. It’s an ambitious dream, but Raughley pulled it off through Maia, a teen who is unexpectedly thrust into being a hero and a celebrity.

I sure did!!

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