Aurora Awards Finalist (Or: In Which Losing is Still Winning)

So back in June, just as CBC noted, I was a finalist for the Aurora Awards, Canada’s foremost award for outstanding success in science fiction and fantasy! I was nominated for best YA.

So what happened?

Well, I didn’t win. But I got a cool pin!

They give it to all first time finalists! I love the little maple leaf in the center!!

The ceremony was at the Can*Con convention in Ottawa in October, and while I planned to go to pick up my pin in person, some unfortunate and life-changing events made that impossible. They sent my pin in the mail and it felt no less special.

Thing is, I didn’t really worry about winning or not winning. Just the fact that my work was appreciated and noticed by others means a lot to me.

I guess the lesson here is: keep striving and keep doing what you love. And if you’re a writer, keep writing. Your words are doing something for someone out there!

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