Young Adult Bashing is intimately connected with White Male Resentment

So, yesterday, I heard about some drama happening the Young Adult twittersphere. Once again, it was due to yet another journalist taking pot shots at the Young Adult literature market as a whole. I’m not going to link the article because I don’t believe it deserves anymore attention and reading it would be a waste of your time; it’s saying what all the others say – Young Adult sucks for X, Y and Z reasons, wah wah, I hate this ‘genre’ (btw YA is NOT a genre), so I’m going to write another article de-legitimizing it like all the other 1009809234 articles written on this subject.

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As I was thinking about this article, I wondered about whether or not other types of kidlit get as much hate as YA. And I wrote a thread on twitter that got a bit of attention:

The crux of the thread is that middle grade especially doesn’t seem to earn as much hatred and ire from journalists and I wondered why that was. If it was really about hating stories for youth in general, than why aren’t people writing articles trying to de-legitimize middle grade or picture books? Or chapter books?

It’s not just about youth. It’s about teenagers. Most importantly, it’s about women. That brings us to the crux of today’s lesson.

White Male Resentment.

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