2015 (1st Half) Dreams and Aspirations

So we’ve finally crossed over into the New Year. I, for one, am stoked. A NEW YEAR! A NEW HOPE! EMPIRE STRIKES BACK wait –

Whatever, party!


So what am I planning for 2015? Well, I’ve realized that I’d rather break the year into two parts and then assess my goals and plans once we reach the half-year mark. I’ve got a lot of stuff on my plate. Here are my goals for the first half of 2015 (or, if you’d rather, 2015 Part 1: Breaking the Deathly Mockingjay)

Creative Writing Goals (/Hopes/Dreams/PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLZ):

– finish super secret Middle Grade WIP

– start brainstorming super secret YA project (lol sorry I can’t be more upfront about this, but I like to keep things a little close to my chest in the early stages)

– *crosses fingers* find a nice home for new YA Fantasy manuscript (initials: DS): this one’s a little out of my hands at this stage.

Reader Goals:

– read 20 books: 10 YA, 10 Scholarly (low number, but with the amount of work I have to do this year on the academic side, I’m setting the bar lower this year).

Aside: Some books I can’t wait to get my hands on:

book5 book8book7

God these covers ;____;

Fangirl Goals

– get into Got7 because:


– figure out how to use wattpad 😉

– get into Constantine before it’s cancelled (or has it been cancelled?)

– catch up on all of Sailor Moon Crystal even though I’m kind of disappointed in how the whole thing’s going so far (still love you Naoko-san!)

Sailor Moon Manga vol 1 cover

– also re-read the Sailor Moon manga

– try to figure out wtf is happening in Attack on Titan

– rewatch an early season of either Buffy or Supernatural

– why do I have more fandom goals than regular people goals?

Welp, that’s it! Well, I have a bunch of academic goals too, you know, publishing articles and dissertation crap, but whatever, I really need to figure out what’s going on in Attack on Titan…

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