A Room of Your Own!

I had so much fun on Friday at the Toronto Public Library for A Room of Your Own Book Club Event!

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A Room of Your Own is an interactive book club for Teen Girls. I was truthfully a bit nervous for the event, but I really shouldn’t have been. The kids were GREAT!

First, I want to say it’s really cool that the Toronto Public Library has some kind of author dungeon in its basement. That’s what it looked like – we literally had to take a spirally torch-lit (well not real torches) staircase all the way down to the basement of the library where they had these rooms tucked away for events like this. Very mysteriously cool. Imagine Harry Potter release events there!

So it was kind of a one-woman panel with me at the front of the room taking questions from about 20 or so teen girls, most if not all being girls of color. After a short reading, I took questions and I was so amazed by how engaged all the kids were with the book. They’d all already read the book as I was the author of the month (June) so it was so great to see how they had so much to say about the book and so many questions for me – not to mention that the host asked them a couple of questions too: like, if you were an Effigy, which power what you want, and would you want the shoulder the burden of an Effigy’s destiny. Very interesting feedback especially on the last one. I mean you kind of have to be a role model, but it’s not necessarily an easy destiny to carry. I was really interested in the differing opinions on the girls (some loved Belle, some hated her which seems to be a general consensus among readers) and what they do.

The event was recorded so once the video comes out, I’ll post up on here! But overall it was great – and I do want to thank Tahia who couldn’t come to the event, but still wrote me a really cool review in pencil on standard note paper 🙂 Thanks, girl!

BTW the girls were excited about the prospect of the book being turned to a movie or a TV show like Shadowhunters! Well, the ms is going around Hollywood, but these things take time – could even take years before we hear anything. My fingers are crossed, though!

Thanks to all the organizers and especially to the wonderful girls who brightened up my day!



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