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Fun Times at Simon&Schuster Canada!

Today was great!!!

So I drove down to Toronto to meet with the marketing team at Simon&Schuster Canada!


Views from the Six


S&S Proof Shot!

Actually I’m really sad because there was a monitor inside the office that had a picture of Fate of Flames’ cover and in big letters, “Simon&Schuster welcomes Sarah Raughley.”

kelly rowland crying

I didn’t even notice it when I came in, but I saw it when I walked out. And I was just so excited and in awe of everything that I forgot to take a picture of it!! L What a self-flop. Their cookies were great though!

At the meeting we talked about a lot of fun marketing things, and I can’t wait to get started on some really fun ideas! And then, after the meeting – and this is the best part – they gave me books! Lots and lots of books! Short ones, tall ones, big ones, small ones, YA, middle grade, even academic!


Spot any of your faves? 🙂

You could really tell they loved books and it was so humbling and exciting at the same time to see that they were excited about The Effigies series!

Speaking of The Effigies –

ARCs have arrived!

I tried different formations lol

Yep, this was definitely an eventful day – it actually came in the mail just as I got back home! So now that means I can properly send over the ARCs for those that won the Cover Reveal contest!

I also got a cool S&S paper bag!


Yes, I am even stanning a paper bag now I am trash!!!

All and all a really great, fun and exciting day. I think I’m all tired out from fangirling and Toronto traffic. But wow, what a haul! Have a great weekend!


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