Fun Updates!

Well the last few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Juggling academia with writing is never an easy thing to do – but I do have some really fun updates for ya!

Book 2

After getting through that really awful dreary slump stage, I had several epiphanies, a spiritual re-awakening, and then VOOSH! The writing just took off! I love those moments of pure inspiration. And now Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 is starting up and I’m pretty sure my fangirling’ll give me enough juice to take me over through the second Act. Actually, feel free to laugh at me, but my Book 1 post-slump writing inspiration was The Winx Club – yes, that Italian magical girl show with the fairies. Yes I’m admitting that I at one point watched it on Nickelodeon because being an adult is overrated.


So you all know that Children’s Literature Fair that happens in Italy every year? Well apparently our very own Fate of Flames was at the fair too, along with a lot of amazing up and coming Simon & Schuster books. In this Publisher’s Weekly article, you can see a big poster of the book on the wall at the S&S booth. Oh my god!

I have to say that I was so giddy when I saw that pic – my editor emailed me to let me know but I’d actually come across it on my own when browsing through PW. What an amazing surprise! It’s always been my dream to have my work shown over there. Just another reminder to never give up – you never know what can happen in life!

Interestingly, another PW article about Bologna talks about YA trends for 2016, and one refrain is that big concept SF/F, elaborate world building and diversity is creeping back into the discussion. Fate of Flames in a nutshell!


The lovely Celeste Pewter, maker of many a gorgeous YA book pendant, just gifted me with these amazing pendants for Fate of Flames!

Aren’t they freaking gorgeous! And don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I’ll give one away for a promotional event later on in the year 🙂 Keep an eye out for that! I can’t wait until I have ARCs available. Then we’ll really get to do a lot of fun giveaway stuff. Stay tuned!

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