GritLit 2018: A Place to Belong

So happy to announce that I’ll be doing a panel with Kerry Sakamoto and Narine holtz on community and belonging in fiction.

Fun fact, I read Kerri Sakamoto’s The Electric Field in one of my graduate English classes, so to have the chance to sit on a panel with her is just really phenomenal. It just goes to show that you never know how many doors will open once you start achieving your dreams!

Furthermore, if anyone’s doing Nanowrimo (#CAMPNANO, to be more specific), next week, you’ll be seeing some short and hopefully fun pieces of inspiration from me all next week! Last week, I was introduced as a Camp Counselor and the twitter chat we had was amazing and tons of fun.

Next week, I talk about fear, inspiration, prompts, breaking through fatigue and pushing forward no matter what. Stay tuned!

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