Hamilton Has Writers Too!!

So these past few days, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in Hamilton’s Readers and Writers Festival – or, Gritlit!

grit LIT



The first event was my very first reading!!

I read part of the first chapter of FATE OF FLAMES. You know the one, basically a big Category 3 phantom attacking Maia in the middle of math class, Maia runs off to go fight it and then — cliffhanger! The audience loved it. There were other readers as well: Joe Ollmann, Andrew Baulcomb, Phoebe Wang, Molly Peacock, and Graham Jackson. Some great, some challenging, some contentious, some intriguing presentations from all the authors.


(Molly, Phoebe, and me from left to right)

I’m also really happy that some members of my family got to come. In our family, we don’t usually go out to stuff like this, so it was an experience for everyone involved.

That was the first Sunday. Then a week later on April 9th, I held a writing workshop at the Hamilton Central Library! I had all this stuff planned but then only two people showed up lmao. Well, it was a cozier conversation at least! I could understand why people wouldn’t want to come, though, considering it was absolutely stunning outside. Heck, if I wasn’t the author, I probably would ave been frolicking around outside too!

Thanks to all the organizers and I hope I can come back for next year!


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