Happy New Year and Updates~

Happy New Year!!


It’s 2016! And this is an important year for me for a NUMBER of reasons 😀 The most important one of course is:

IT’S THE YEAR THE EFFIGIES BOOK #1 Gets published!!!

You’ll notice of course that I’m not using the title “Doll Soldiers” anymore – like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve actually changed the name. The title of the first book is totally different, but I’m not gonna reveal that until we reveal *cough* THE COVER.

Q: But wait, when exactly are we getting all of that, fat!!

A: Rude! Writers have feelings too???

twice haters 3

It’s coming though! Actually, word is you’ll be getting a good peak at lots more info to do with the series and first book in just a couple of months ~ I can’t wait to share so much with you guys!

This year is gonna be a great one. I already have a lot of goals set and am slowly working towards them. I’m much more optimistic at the beginning of this year than I was at the last…debuting your very first series will do that for a girl 😀


Let’s slay 2016 together fam!!


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