National Spotlight: CBC’s The Next Chapter Talks FATE OF FLAMES

I’m so proud to share this with you all! Fate of Flames just got a huge Canadian shout out!

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On Monday, singer Shakura Saida went on the national Canadian radio program, THE NEXT CHAPTER, to talk about FATE OF FLAMES as one of the YA books she’s enjoyed, alongside Susan Ee’s ANGELFALL

What I find so poignant about what she had to say about FATE OF FLAMES was the way in which Maia, newly orphaned and confused as to where she fits in anymore, tries to find strength from outside sources. The world of celebrity really gives young people – and let’s be real, ALL of us – idols to place on a pedestal, to draw strength from and try to emulate.

But is that a practice we should really indulge in?

In my opinion, throughout the series, it’s only when Maia acknowledges and understands the humanity of the other girls – and that means their weaknesses as well as their strengths – that she can truly draw from them and her own inner power can awaken!

Thank you Shakura for your amazing insight into the novel!





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