So In Other News…Here’s What Monsta X Taught Me

As I steadily work at my creative projects, I saw what was happening on twitter to one of my fave K-POP groups, Monsta X, and decided to write a piece about what I think. It’s here on Conversations Canada!

Image result for monsta x we bare bears wonho

(Pic above is Monsta X guest starring on We Bare Bears. I still can’t believe)

Fandoms really should be respected more than they are, especially the young ones. They have the explosive power to say “no” to the systems, industries and policies adults have created for them. At least, they have the right to criticize it and it’s great to see them do so. And if they criticize it, maybe they can one day change it. Young people in general have stood up throughout history (even as recently as the Parkland survivors), which is why I always find youth culture so important.

My little cousins got me into Monsta X this summer so I was really sad to see what happened to Wonho. Music industries around the world tend to be harsh towards their artists, especially the young, the marginalized and the vulnerable…I hope that changes!

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