Throwback Teaser Tuesday!

It’s great to go through some of my old manuscripts again. This is a short snippet from an old YA Contemporary Fantasy I wrote called DIVINE. Pretty girls and gods and magic and monsters (and the usual, you know). Too bad that market’s not so great for mythology right now or I’d give this a whirl in the publishing sphere.

Without further ado!

Scene: The End of Chapter 3. Main character Remi has followed evil Queen Bee Amelia into a city park in a prank gone wrong. Surprises await her.

Since Remi’s mind had already gone blank, it took her a few moments to notice what they undoubtedly had: a draft breezing into the glade. It thickened and intensified, stronger and stronger until finally, it blasted through the trees as a full fledged tempest. The sheer force threw everyone back. Tree-children blew off their branches while many took cover inside the tree. The bark-arms holding Remi slid back into the trunk and she fell, her face narrowly missing a protruding root. When she looked up again, she saw it: a light so perfect it burned her eyes. But it didn’t hurt. Instead, it was like she could finally see.

Within the light was the outline of a short human figure, but Remi couldn’t make out much more than that. It glided towards the boy on the ground and all anyone could do was watch in awe.
The light dissipated. The breeze calmed. Standing over the unconscious young man was a little girl – just a little girl. She couldn’t have been much older than Remi’s eleven-year-old brother. A string of pearls tied her red hair into a thick ponytail that skimmed the ground. Her feet were bare and her fluttering dress shimmered as though made of moonlight. Her hand gripped a slender rod made of the same luscious pearl as the ornaments in her hair.

She knelt next to the boy, put an ear to his chest and listened. She raised her head and nodded, satisfied with what she heard.

Then she poked him.

Remi blinked. It was a harmless poke to his cheek. The girl stared intently, as if expecting something miraculous to happen. When nothing did, she giggled and poked him a few more times before tugging a lock of his hair. Remi wasn’t the only one gaping. What happened to the ethereal creature wrapped in pure glory?

After the girl had poked to her heart’s content, she stood, gazing at the boy. “Oh well,” she said in a sugary voice. The rod in her hands elongated until it was twice her size, the tip flattening and curving into a clean sickle. It was a weapon that belonged in the hands of Death. Now it was in hers.

She raised the scythe above her head. “Guess I should get this over with,” she decided and brought it down.

C’est Fin!

OMG WHAT’S SHE GOING TO DO! LOL I ended the chapter like that. I really love this ms and I’m still figuring out what to do with it. Even if the market isn’t so great, there’s other options right? Hm, I have to think about it further. In the meantime, I really should get back to editing this new manuscript 🙂

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