UTM Writers Panel!!

Thank you to Sarena and Sasha for inviting me to be one of the four panelists to talk at the Student-run Writer’s Panel at the University of Toronto Mississaugua!


I shared the panel with the amazing writers, Peter Jalall, Tanaz Bhathena and Simone deCosta!

Man, when I was an undergrad, I was not in any way capable of organizing something like this so kudos to the organization. For me, the event was a special one as it was my first time on a panel, my first time answering questions from an audience concerning my creative work. I’ve done academic panels before, but it’s really different talking about your books. Very enlightening listening to the other authors too! They are all pros, and I was the super nervous newbie so being able to learn from them and get a sense of how to do these things was just an invaluable experience!

Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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