Would FEATHER BOUND make a good movie?

Actually, I think it would make a really cool TV show. No seriously, Gossip Girl meets Classical Fairytales? Swan maidens, captivity, freedom, the dark side of wealth and power. I could see it, and it would seriously be like a dream come true. Unfortunately, the process of adapting a book to a visual medium, be it movie or TV is a bit more complicated than me going “MAKE MY BOOK A TV SHOW PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ” over and over again on twitter (I would never do that btw …. unless you want me to. Do you want me to? No? k).

Here is an amazing post by the awesomely talented and lovely Ally Carter (HEIST SOCIETY). She breaks down the process of how books get adapted very well. I know the rights to her book sold and is currently attached to Drew Barrymore, but then as she explains, selling the rights and getting the movie made are like two completely different things entirely.

Check it out! Here’s a snippet:


Movies are made by hundreds of people doing just as many different jobs.  And the odds of any movie getting made are oh-so-incredibly rare.

Of the writers I know, a fairly big percentage (I’d say maybe 75 or 80%) have things under option in Hollywood.  Only a few will ever see anything actually made.  Even once they finish a script and start talking to directors or signing stars, there are still a ton of factors that have to fall into place.

Basically, the odds of getting a movie made are long.  The odds of getting a GOOD movie made are miniscule.

But we keep trying…

We keep trying all the time.

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