Fate of Flames is Finally Out!!


Fate of Flames, Book 1 of The Effigies Series by Sarah Raughley

Buy it Here!

Or Here!

Or at a Bookstore Near You!

Speaking of bookstores, I went to the Chapters near my house and guess what I found!!??


I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. I remember all those years of walking through my bookstores and seeing all the shiny new releases and thinking to myself, “one day, my book will be up there too.”

In fact, right now, so many of those kinds of moments are flashing through my mind as I post these pictures. There have been so many ups and downs. So many times I felt like a failure. So many times when I just wanted to give up. I’m so happy I never did. I really hope that I can be an inspiration to anyone reading this going through what I went through not too long ago, thinking, “when will it be my turn?” Dude, trust me. It. Is. Possible!

Anyone going out there and buying the book, if you’re keen, please take pictures of the book and tweet it to me! I’d love to see how the different stores are stocking it. Hahaha I’m just too excited.

And also, make sure you come by Toronto at the Bakka Phoenix at 3pm this Saturday for the book launch! I’ll be launching with the wonderful E.K. Johnston.


Come, there will be cake!

For more links on where to buy Fate of Flames, make sure to take a look at the book’s main pageĀ here! There are plenty of links and places where you can order as a hard copy or e-book!

Happy reading!

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