Happy September 2.0!

Hello September september hello september welcome september happy september…

So September has rolled up on us once again! That means fall is upon us, back to school for some of us  – thankfully not me – back to work after Labour Day Weekend. There’s all kinds of Going Backs happening. That can be exciting and dreadful for a lot of people.

I was going back in my blog’s archives and I saw another Happy September post I wrote three years ago.

It’s funny to look at now because this is the part where I get to ask myself what I was able to accomplish since then.

On top of the physical health and academic stuff, which I think I’ve succeeded in achieving to varying degrees, I was kind of giggling at that super secret project I talked about. I’d just submitted to my agent and was excited to tease:

You recognize? 😉

It’s awesome to see Fate of Flames’s journey from figment to draft to submission to published book on the shelves. Now I can make another writing goal for myself! I finally have an idea for an mg that I want to move ahead with, so once I submit Book 3, I’ll be pouring everything into that. You all remember when we talked about the difference between mg and ya in terms of how one tends to get bashed and that all has to do with sexism. And someone mentioned (Kate maybe?) that princess mgs get no respect. So now I want to write one lmao.

I’m not sure what’ll happen but hopefully by next September I’ll be writing with good news! Fingers crossed!





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