The Effigies Series and Nanowrimo

We are less than one month out to Siege of Shadows and I am so happy you guys are loving that ending (which I love to call #DATENDING in my head because I’d be too embarrassed to actually tweet that out…or would I? *evil grin*).

My editor Sarah McCabe sent me the first hard copy of Siege of Shadows AND the paperback of Fate of Flames, out November 21st 2017Β like Siege of Shadows!


As for the third book, it’s in with my editor. It was a huge task completing and it’s definitely bigger than the other two books. But boy, was it so fun to write.

This is my first time finishing the series and I can say it was very bittersweet. On one hand, I am ready to move on (though I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to delve back into this world again). On the other hand, I will miss this world. I’ve been with these characters for 5 years. And actually, since some of the characters are built off of old characters I created in 2003 or before, you could say that I’ve been with some of these characters for over a decade, as well as the prototypes for some of the concept I eventually used for the series.

Moving on is hard to do, but it looks like it’s inevitable. Good thing I’m having fun dreaming about this new series I’ve been cooking up πŸ˜‰ I’ll be working on it for Nanowrimo with the eventual goal of having the book done sometime next year! It’s a High Fantasy story. That’s all I can say so far πŸ˜€ Once I’m further in, perhaps I’ll have more to share!

Make sure to stay tuned for giveaways and all kinds of promotional SIEGE stuff we’ll be doing for November!



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