The Joys of Editing. No really.

Oh boy, revising this new ms has been super fun so far. Well, I’ve been given great editorial notes by my agent who has a knack for catching stuff I usually gloss over. Sometimes when you submit something and a few weeks later you get all these notes, there’s this heavy, horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach like, how am I going to do this? Is it even worth it?

Yes. Yes it is.

Personally, I love this book. I loved big epic fantasies as a kid, I loved the idea of big epic fantasies happening in the real world. It’s weird that the industry seems to look at any fantasy in the contemporary world as ‘urban fantasy’ even if it’s not dealing with ‘urban fantasy’ type stuff (vamps, angels, werewolves) etc. because for me, the idea of having a beautiful, Final Fantasy-style RPG Fantasy in a contemporary setting was just like literally the best thing ever. EVER. So that’s what I’m training to write this time around. Who doesn’t want to go on a crazy bad ass adventure right here in their own backyard? Anyway, that’s why I believe in this book so strongly. People enjoy THE AVENGERS, SAILOR MOON, PACIFIC RIM etc then they’ll enjoy this, I just know it. But I gotta get the ms in shape first. So edits, here I come!

Editing is important, people. Don’t let it get you down. Let it make you a better writer. And no matter what keep believing in your own work.

Sometimes you gotta just believe in yourself, in your voice, in your geeky inner fangirl telling you what’s awesome and what’s not.

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