Lesson #300 of Being a Newbie Writer: Never Doubt Yourself

Why do I say that?

Because I’ve just found out that Feather Bound is Eligible for the Compton Crook Award!!! ;____;



Like seriously I’m so touched and ;___; about the whole thing because you know, when people put you down or tell you your book sucks or you suck you start to believe it… but stuff like this really helps you remember: YOU DON’T SUCK! PEOPLE LIKE YOUR WORK! YOUR WORK MIGHT ACTUALLY BE GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN AN AWARD FROM LEGIT PEOPLE! How about that 😀

I’m so excited. This is really inspiring me to finish these damn edits on…er…Secret Super Geeky Project I’m Currently in Love with Because It’s So Me 😀

So don’t give up and don’t doubt yourself. Your work is better than you think it is <3


(also I just got back from watching Guardian’s of the Galaxy… I don’t usually write reviews but I feel like I need to for this one. Especially that F-ING STINGER AT THE END OF THE CREDITS. So many mixed feelings…)


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