• All you need is love.

    John Lennon

    Jeans is Always Trendy

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    UTM Writers Panel!!

    Thank you to Sarena and Sasha for inviting me to be one of the four panelists to talk at the Student-run Writer’s Panel at the University of Toronto Mississaugua!

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    OLA Superconference Fun!

    Today was the Ontario Library Association Super Conference! Meet debut Canadian #YA authors @s_raughley & @SajidahWrites at #OLASC on Thursday at booth 605/607! See our schedule for more details. #OLA pic.twitter.com/8wEM7OQDR4 — Simon Teen Canada (@SimonTeenCA) February 1, 2017

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    Happy Holidays and Well Wishes for 2017!

    Phew! Well, 2016 is almost coming to an end! And what a mad rush to the finish line it was for me! Less than a week after my book launch with E.K Johnston, I had to defend my dissertation! Yes, the…

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    Fate of Flames Book Launch!

    So on Saturday, we had the book launch for Fate of Flames! So many bloggers and friends and people in the Toronto community came. I just want to say, thank you so much for coming! And thanks so much to…

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    Fate of Flames is Finally Out!!

    FATE OF FLAMES IS FINALLY OUT!!!!!!! Buy it Here! Or Here! Or at a Bookstore Near You! Speaking of bookstores, I went to the Chapters near my house and guess what I found!!?? I can’t tell you how happy this…

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    Writers, Our Words are Needed Now More than Ever

    The morning after the American election, for many of us minorities in America and abroad, was a surreal and terrifying experience. I know that some might not want me to get political on this blog, but I’m sorry, that’s impossible.…

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    Fate of Flames – TV or Movie?

    So a little while ago, PressPassLA published a really cool article about Must Read Fall debuts and for each book, they considered whether the books would work better as a tv series or a movie. Here’s what they said about…